Our Services

Buildlink Asia Pte. Ltd. is a consultancy and business services specialist firm, unveiling regional business development opportunities for your growth in the B2B Technology sector. We bring your products and services to Southeast Asia, by directly identifying opportunities for your target markets.


Working closely with your team, and using in-depth market analysis, we help you build your regional strategy. We identify and grow your channel partners and customers while increasing your sales rapidly.

Increase Revenue

We draw upon our wealth of experience in product sourcing for European trading companies in the APAC region. As a conduit between Singapore, Southeast Asia and your Headquarters, we ensure you expand your existing product portfolio and rapidly increase your revenue streams.


With over 20 years’ experience in Southeast Asia our extensive suite of tailor-made services is at your fingertips. This means we are able to offer you flexible contracts including part-time consulting to fit your desired budgets. As we forge ahead, we continuously leverage our large network of local, regional and international clients in the Asian region to ensure the success of your regional strategy.

With a unique understanding of cross-cultural dynamics, we provide you with access to the localised representation you need, as you navigate through this culturally diverse region. By sharing these powerful insights, we help ensure your business breaks through barriers for a smooth and stress-free experience.

Our Passion

At Buildlink we are passionate about Southeast Asia. The region is a fascinating myriad of cultures, with a vibrant youthful population. The area benefits from fast-paced development, breakneck urbanization and dizzying levels of modernisation. From Singapore to Vietnam, from Malaysia to the Philippines, you’re never more than a short flight from some of the most thriving countries imaginable.

Strategic Location

Based in Singapore, Buildlink is fortunate to be at the heart of it all. A world-class financial hub with a superb infrastructure, the city has sophisticated banking and financial services, and is internationally recognised as a prime business location. The regulatory system is straightforward, and companies who set up here enjoy attractively low rates of tax.

Business Friendly

Singapore is also the strategic centre of the ASEAN economic block, making it an exceptionally good place to do business. As a business centre and transit hub, it has become a launching pad for the other ASEAN countries. The region’s middle-class is growing fast, an important factor driving demand for luxury goods, products and services.

Supporting Growth

There is so much happening in South Asia it’s hard to know where to begin. That’s why Buildlink is here. We are ready and waiting to help you on your journey. We’ll stand alongside you as you expand your business into one of the most dynamic regions in the world.



We combine our passion for Asian cultures and business customs with our expertise in Regional Business Development and Product Sourcing in the B2B Technology sector.

We bring your products and services to a targeted Southeast Asian market through strategic expansion, directly identifying growth opportunities, managing channel partners, facilitating and executing new and existing customers end-to-end sales with the confidence of knowing we have the respect of a wide professional network in the Asian region.

Our greatest enjoyment comes from developing and nurturing teams, as we genuinely believe teamwork is the key to success. This includes planning, evaluation and execution of corporate strategies with local, regional and head office teams.

We are excited about helping your business grow and look forward to assisting you every step of the way as you break into new markets in the region.